How to make empanadas de chorizo

How to make empanadas de chorizo

Dough is the same one to make tortillas (see my recipe). Chorizo can be bought at any store.

Heat oil over med to low heat. Once oil is really hot add chorizo until cooked. Turn off.

In another pan, heat oil on low for the empanadas.

Make balls as if you were making tortillas and smash them. Once smashed add a little of the chorizo (or whatever filling you want).

Fold one end towards the other as shown above.

Make sure it's sealed good so that the filling wont come out when frying.

You can use tour fingers or use a fork but don't press too hard.

Add to the hot oil.

Get a plate / deep dish tray with paper towels to drip excess oil.

Place each empanada in the low - med heat and let fry on each side for about 1 min or until golden brown. (Repeat for each)

Place a spoonful of beans on a plate

Add 2 empanadas.some more beans and lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream. Enjoy

Alternative. Add some grilled onions and chorizo and salsa as well

Watch the video: Video Recipe: Black Bean u0026 Chorizo Empanadas (January 2022).