How to make kracie sea animal diy gummy kit

How to make kracie sea animal diy gummy kit

Kracie DIY Sea Animal Make your own Gummy Kit

Blue Packet-Ramune flavor powder--Red Packet-Grape Flavor powder--Silver Packet with Blue Fish-This is the Gumminator powder, Activator that turns powder into gummies--Tray, Dropper, Spatula, Placemat

Add Blue Packet to sea animal mold of your choice

Use Red Packet to finish filling sea animal mold of your choice

Fill Water to First Line--Use included dropper to suck up water and fill reservoir with water on Left side of included Tray to FIRST Grooved Line

Add Silver w/ Blue Fish activator Packet to water.

Mix until thoroughly dissolved

Suck up water/activator mix and slowly squeeze one drop at a time into all of your powder molds. After they look soaked, pick up tray to see if soaked on bottom too. Wait 3 Minutes. Do not touch yet!

After waiting 3 Minutes (sometimes I wait 5 to be sure) Your mix should be gummified! Take the end of spatula or toothpick and loosen around edges. Slowly and carefully peel gummies out of mold.

You will have left over powder and water/activator mix-After you peel your gummies out you can make an extra batch or add powder to another mold to make different shapes. Follow same steps . Enjoy!!

Watch the video: SCTS Kracie Popin Cookin - DIY Gummy Animals Kit (January 2022).