How to do blood drip nails

How to do blood drip nails

Apply a base coat.

Paint one or two coats of a nude polish. You can also leave just the base coat, or paint them whatever. And then do a matte topcoat. I recommend NYC Matte Me Crazy. That's optional too.

Take a dotting tool (or whatever makes a dot the size you want) and make a few dots with red polish.

Then make lines going to either your cuticle or the tip of your nail.

Connect the lines across and make little curves.

When you're done with the drips, go over just them with regular glossy topcoat. That way it looks wet and drippy against the matte background.

Nails from the video. *really crappy pic but it's 4am.

And you're done! Hope they turn out cool! Tell me what kind of guides you'd like and I'll work on it.

You can use any colors and just have drip nails. I'm just doing them as dripping blood because of Halloween.

Watch the video: Dripping Blood. DIY Halloween Nail Art Tutorial (January 2022).