How to whizz up an original green juice!

How to whizz up an original green juice!

Chop up the cucumber into slivers (to fit into juicer). Slice off some of the lemon rind as it can be a bit bitter. Do not slice off too much as a lot of nutrients are found directly under the skin.

Organic kale and spinach straight from the market!!! Remember to rinse or you might squish some worm juice into your green liquid!! :p

I put in two carrots for sweetness and Vitamin A :) the doctor wasn't joking - vitamin A really is critical for good eye sight. It is essential in the functioning of the light receptors in the eye.

Green Power supplement includes powdered wheat grass, seaweed, sprouts, chlorella and spirulina - all of which have the most powerful and nutritious properties! Cleansing, anti-oxidant and nutritious!

Ah, my beloved juicer - extractor of all things wonderful! Add all the ingredients to the juicer and right at the end, add a teaspoon of Green Power to the juice (not into the machine!). Mix well!

Going green at the local market!! Armed with my liquid green gold, I'm off to stock up on organic veggies for the week!! Mmmmmm!!

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