How to make a mask for acne

How to make a mask for acne

Here is what you need. 1/2 cucumber, a lemon, 2 tbsp oatmeal, honey, bowl, and a blender

Cut cucumber into pieces and put into bowl/blender

Take out the seeds and squeeze half a lemon on top of cucumbers

Blend together with hand blender (add all ingredients first if using a normal blender)

Add the oatmeal

Add honey

Blend until smooth look/homogenous. This was as smooth as I could make it with my hand blender

Massage to exfoliate areas with acne first. It make feel like its burning, that's the lemon taking care of it since the skin is inflamed. Continue rest of face

Leave it on for between 15-20 minutes. If your worried about it coming out bad, leave for the minimum or test a small area first

I put the rest in a container to save and use again.

All done!

I suggest to put this on before going to bed since the lemon can cause spots if you go out right away. Any comments or questions, ill answer as best as I can :) enjoy!

Watch the video: Tips for acne breakouts while wearing a mask. Dr Dray (January 2022).