How to make homemade mac & cheese your kids will love

How to make homemade mac & cheese your kids will love

The ingredients are quite simple! As for the cheese I tried the brand Cabot I did not particularly love this brand! I will suggest you select your favorite brand! Purchase the big block of cheese!

Shred your cheese, but if you are in a hurry purchase cheese already shredded! Make sure your cheese is cold!

Use the entire big block of cheese or the smaller size use two blocks! Don't skimp out on the cheese. That makes it no fun!!

Boil your water on high heat! You will need oil vegetable or olive oil for noodles! You don't want the noodles to stick! Also sprinkle a tablespoon of salt into boiling water! Don't go overboard!

The water is ready!

Pour in your noodles! Do not overcook your noodles! Read box for time to cook! I usually test my noodles after 10 minutes! You don't want gummy noodles! Remember the noodles still have to bake

Grab a bowl to mix your eggs and milk together!

Crack open your eggs and place them in bowl!

Lightly beat your eggs

Open your can of evaporated milk

Whisk together with the two eggs

Remember the empty can from the evaporated milk? Pour the buttermilk into the can! I used a can full! This mixture is to make the macaroni creamy!

Your noodles should be slightly firm, not fat! Drain your noodles but don't rinse!

Grab your stick of butter

Pour noodles back into pot! Do not place noodles on the burner yet! Place the stick of butter into the pot! Allow to milk! You may put the pot back on the burner very low temperature

Before pouring in mixture! Taste your noodles for salt! I suggest adding pepper and salt to taste! Grab your milk mixture and slowly stir into pot with noodles and melted butter!

Stir in half your cheese ! If you find the mixture is not creamy as you desire grab some buttermilk and stir in a little at a time

Don't put in too much milk! It should look very similar to this photo! Pour into your favorite baking dish

Sprinkle the remaining cheese on top and then place baking pan into preset oven of 375 degrees! Do not overcook! You want creamy bubbly Mac and cheese

Take out of oven within twenty minutes! The object here is to cook the eggs!

Plate the Mac and cheese! Very creamy!!!

Give to your tester! For me that is my son!

And there you have it a healthy happy kid! Let me know how your recipe turns out!

Watch the video: ULTIMATE MAC u0026 CHEESE. Jamie Oliver (January 2022).