How to prepare a coffee parfait

How to prepare a coffee parfait

Take your cream and whisk it.

Add sugar and coffee flavoured yogurt.

Whisk them together.

Line a tin (20x15 cm) with some parchment paper.

Pour your coffee in a bowl.

Add your milk.

Soak your sponge fingers only on one side in your caffelatte. Soak them just for a few seconds, or they'll become soggy.

Create the first layer: put your sponge fingers close to each other; they should cover the base of your tin.

Pour half of your cream over your spinge fingers.

Soak some more sponge fingers in your caffelatte and create another layer over the cream.

Last layer of cream.

Put your delicious coffee parfait in the freezer for two hours. When it comes out, it's done.

Enjoy it :)

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