How to make a decorative wall hanging from pallets

How to make a decorative wall hanging from pallets

I gathered several old pallets together. You can find pallets almost anywhere. Any place that has product shipped in will likely have pallets they'll be more than happy to get rid of.

It didn't matter how old or beat up the pallets were. I cut the frames to size I wanted....

I pried pieces apart in order to replace bad pieces or fill in empty places.

Then I nailed replacement pieces where needed. We needed 6 or 7 pieces for her design. I used my nail gun. You can use regular nails or screws. Your preference.

Then I trimmed the ends and here we have pallets that actually look like pallets! If you get good pallets to start with you save your self a LOT of extra work! (Honey, please make note of this!!)

Now you'll want to use a good primer before painting in order to get a uniform finish.

Then paint your design. Again you can do whatever you want. My wife and her friends chose a patriotic theme.

Here's a shot of the girls working on their project. They have fun with it. Hope you do too!

Finished project! One last note: For a more rustic look, you can go over the finished item with sand paper to get that weathered appearance.

Watch the video: 50 PALLET WOOD WALL DECOR - DIY (January 2022).