How to cook brazilian "banana pie"

How to cook brazilian

Chop the Graham crackers

It needs to look like this

Add the butter (not melted)

You will need to use your hands, you need to put a LOT of effort, to look like this!

Put in on a baking pan, and make walls with it

Let bake for 12 minutes

Add the cream and the sugar to the mixer, IT NEEDS TO LOOK CONSISTENT

After baked, add the dulce de leche

Cut the banana, and put it on top of the dulce de leche

Now, add the cream on top, and if you like put some cinamon on top of it

Now, put it on the refrigerator for at least 4 hours before eating!! Ps: it tastes 10000 times better on the next day !

Watch the video: Banana Meringue Pie Recipe (January 2022).