How to steam milk for latte art

How to steam milk for latte art

Pouring good latte art is half good steamed milk and half pouring technique. This guide focuses on the steaming.

Good coffee need not be a luxury! My Gaggia was fairly inexpensive, but it's not the best—especially at steaming. Know your machine (and its limitations) and you'll do well with it.

I use a 12-ounce pitcher and a thermometer, both from Rattleware. You can use a larger size if you want, but I think this is an easier size to control—and the perfect amount for a latte!

This is the right amount of milk for my cups, approximately 3 fluid ounces of milk. I know it's to the bottom of the thermometer clasp. You can also measure it. Don't want to come up short!

Leaving the wand in I turn down the steam at this point or the Gaggia peters out before the end. (Like I said, not the best!) Just long enough to rebuild pressure; the light comes back on when ready.

Go forth and pour! ☕

Watch the video: IKEAs milk frother: Is it possible to make Latte Art with? (January 2022).