How to drop cable

How to drop cable

Tired of that $150 cable bill? It's all about what you know...

Cable companies are in a frenzy (if they aren't already they should be) to compete with internet streaming services like NETFLIX and HULUPLUS. But that is the least of their problems.

Because there are so many internet streaming companies popping up all over that it's hard to beat them. And if you can't beat 'em?

JOIN 'EM! PBS on your iPAD! And they ask for donations!

History Channel


But that isn't the big tip. Did you know you can get free local channels using a...

Digital Antenna? Just like the old analog antennas except they pick up digital channels. And some people can get up to 80 channels using it. NO BILL AT ALL! Neither internet bill nor cable bill.

But let's say you just LOOOOVE movies. Well, all you need is an INTERNET STREAMING PLAYER.

Heard of ROKU? Roku uses your WIFI internet to stream NETFLIX, HULU, AMAZON INSTANT VIDEO, and about 600+ other internet channels DIRECTLY to your television! Take it on vacation to your hotel also!

You pay a ONE TIME FEE for the Roku box ($59.99, $79.99, or $99.99) and your Netflix subscription of course (just log in and start streaming).

But ROKU isn't the only internet streaming device, so do your research to see which best suits you. APPLE TV falls in this category also.

Or you can download the app to your iPad


Amazon Instant video?

Have you heard of AEREO? Watch live TV online? So far they are only set up for NEW YORK and ATLANTA, GA

VIKI is a neat app for looking at television from all over the world. If you need some oldies to past the time.

Personally, my favorite television channel is YOUTUBE. hehe

There are just so many options out there, so you can easily drop your cable and not miss a thing.

Ta ta!!!

Hasta la vista!

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