How to make pickled watermelon

How to make pickled watermelon

Take your empty watermelon rind and get ready to cut it!

Slice the green part off of the watermelon

Slice rind in half

Rind with green cut off

Slice the rind into strips

Cut it into chunks

Fill your jars with the chunks

In the meantime: boil 4 cups of water

AFTER boiling, turn the heat off and add 2 tbsp of sea salt. Wait for it to cool to room temperature.

Feel free to play air guitar while your water cools to room temperature

After the water cools, add it to the jars, covering the watermelon

Put a lid on it....and stick them in a warm, dark place for 5 days.


Watch the video: Sweet Pickled Watermelon Rinds (January 2022).