How to braid kumihimo: uneven string count round braid

How to braid kumihimo: uneven string count round braid

I chose 3 colors for this example. 2yellow, 2peach and 3purple.

Cut your strings about 24 inches.

Tie a loose overhand knot at 5 inches. See my guide on knots for more information.

Set you strings in groups of 1 spaced evenly apart, leaving space for a ghost string. On a 32 slot wheel with 7 strings, space then 3 slots apart, leaving a gap of 7 slots at the bottom.

Count up to the right, 1,2,3. This is the string you want. Move it down to the empty slot...

Like this. Make sure to keep it evenly spaced.

Turn it clockwise so the large empty space is Shane at the bottom.

Count again. 1...


3.... Move it down.

To the empty slot midway.

Turn and continue.

You will start to see this type of spiral as you strings tug against each other. This is the tension you want.

If you need to stop, you should be able to pick up your place easily, but if you think you may get confused, slide your working string into the next slot to keep your place.

Get a length you like, about an inch shorter than you'll need, and pull it off the wheel/disk tie and overhand knot and stretch it.

Here's a picture (of a different bracelet, being stretched.

Finish it how ever you'd like. Here's an example of a finished one. I didn't like how the other cane out lol.

I have not experimented with patterns for this technique. If you do and come up with some I'd love to see them!

Watch the video: Round sinnet- ABoK 3021- round braid tied another way (January 2022).