How to make a fringe t-shirt for summer

How to make a fringe t-shirt for summer

Choose a shirt that your willing to cut apart. Lay on a flat surface. I used my couch, the floor or a table work great.

If there is a logo or decal on the back be careful, you might cut part of that off.

Cut the bottom seem off. If the shirt is really long, you can use this to your advantage. The longer the shirt the longer the fringe. You can always trim it down later.

Your going to cut right up the middle of the shirt. I cut mine a little higher than half way up the shirt. If you want more of your mid section to show cut higher if you want less to show cut lower.

Start cutting your fringe. I cut 1/4 inch sections,cutting through both sides (front & back of shirt). I cut the right side first then moved to the other side.

Your shirt should look like this. Remember be creative! You can cut higher or go back later and tie knots on the bottom of each strip or add beads.

Now cut off the sleeves. I cut just the sleeve off but you can cut deeper to expose more skin when you wear it.

This is always my favorite part! Cutting off the collar! The deeper or wider you cut, the wider the collar will be. Think about this part.... Do you want to be more flash dance or more conservative??

I cut two strips from the sleeve's I cut off.I tied one strip on the top of each of the shoulders in a bow. This made it look a little more feminine.

Now put on your new shirt & shake that fringe all summer long!

Watch the video: Easy Fringe T-Shirt Tutorial (January 2022).