How to make banana pudding

How to make banana pudding

Take your banana and cut them up

Take your cookies and lines them in the bottom of ur dish

Take ur bananas and put them on top

Now slide this to the side and let's start on the filling

Take ur instant pudding and 2 cups of milk and put them into a bowl

Now mix it together and let it sit to the side

Take a larger bowl and take ur cream cheese and sweeten condensed milk and mix together until smooth

You can use this by it self to make a pie filling.... Jus an idea ;)

Take the cool whip and fold it into ur cream cheese mixture

Nice and fluffy

Take ur pudding which should be set and fold it in

Should be nice and creamy

Now take ur filling and pour on top of ur bananas

Now top with cookies and put into the fridge to chill for thirty mins to an hr

Now lets dig in....

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