How to develop fingerprints with super glue

How to develop fingerprints with super glue

Collect all items. My "evidence" is an empty clear plastic cup. This process works best on non-porous items. Run fingers on forehead and then gently press onto evidence to ensure good results.

You can use these pre-made foil cups, or fashion your own by pressing a small piece of foil into a cup shape.

Place the coffee cup warmer, cup of hot water,empty foil cup, and item of evidence into plastic chamber. Plug in warmer and allow EMPTY foil cup to heat up.

Stand your "evidence" upright or hang to ensure exposure. Put lid on tight for 5-10 mins to allow hot water to create humidity in chamber.

After 5-10 minutes remove lid, take out hot water. Keep the coffee warmer plugged in.

Now add superglue to hot foil cup. Use enough to cover bottom of cup. DO THIS IN WELL VENTILATED AREA! The fumes will be very irritating. Close the lid tight and keep plugged in for another 5-10 min.

After 5-10 mins. unplug and bring outside before removing the lid.

Open the lid, stand back and allow 5 mins. for fumes to dissipate. Remove foil cup and throw in the garbage.

Remove your "evidence" and review results! You should see white "crystallized " impressions on your item. Use a flashlight to get a better view.

Here is a close up of my developed impression.

Watch the video: Inside the Crime Lab: Latent Print Unit (January 2022).