How to make nail polish

How to make nail polish

Supplies!! Gather them.

Use a toothpick (or pointy stick like thing) to get the eyeshadow out of the tin and make sure it's on the paper.

Make a funnel with the paper and secure it to the opening of the clear polish bottle.

Pour the eyeshadow into the bottle. Use the toothpick/pointy stick thing . It'll help. You'll probably make at least a little mess.

You can add as much or as little eyeshadow as you want. Then close the bottle. And SHAKE


I just did my nails when I made this, so I just put a coat over the nail with the most pale colors. This is what my polish looked like.

HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR POLISH. *and please excuse my messy bedroom background.

This is two coats of the polish I made, with topcoat.

Watch the video: HOW TO: Make Your Own Indie Nail Polish From Scratch (January 2022).