How to make asparagus soup in a combi oven

How to make asparagus soup in a combi oven

Put your chicken broth in a pan with a lid.

Preheat your combi to 250F (121C) in combi mode. After it is preheated, slide pan to the back of the oven.

Next add the potato, onion, and butter to a large sauce pan.

And slide that pan in front of the broth.

We will be using the shelf timer to keep track of all our items in the oven. Set the onions and potato to 10 minutes.

Place your asparagus into a perforated pan. Keep the tips separated from the stems.

Place in the combi and set a timer for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, use the hose to shock the asparagus, and then remove the asparagus.

After 10 minutes, the onions and potato will be slightly cooked. Pull the pan out.

Add the asparagus stems...

Remove the stock...

And pour it into the pot too.

Tie the parsley and add to the pot as well. Put the pot back in the oven for another 15 minutes.

Remove the soup from the oven and take out the parsley.

Purée the soup in a blender until smooth.

Don't purée too long or the soup may get discolored.

Add the soup back to the pan.

Add the cream.

Season with white pepper...

... and salt.

To serve, gently reheat the asparagus tips and arrange them in a bowl. Pour the soup. Enjoy!

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